Biological Control

We apply beneficial nematodes as a biological pest control for the alfalfa snout beatle.


Miller Spraying is a dealer of DeKalb corn, Asgrow soybeans, FS conventional and hybrid corn, FS HiSoy soybeans, FS small grains, FS forages, and through our Seedway dealership we have access to Blue River organic corn, Blue River organic soybeans, and Blue River organic forages.





Cover Cropping

Cover crops are grown to manage soil erosion, soil fertility, soil and water quality, weeds, pests, diseases, and wildlife. Miller Spraying offers several options for cover crops.  

Sustainable Agriculture

At Miller Spraying we are committed to keep agriculture sustainable both financially and environmentally. By partnering with companies like Agrinetix and Precision Planting and integrating the technology they offer, we can bring our customers products and services that make this goal a possibility. Listed below are some of the ways we are doing this:

* Soil recommendations such as lime and potash at variable rates

* Seed prescriptions for variable rate and multiple varieties per field

* Making sure the best varieties are being planted at the proper rate for optimum returns

* Making sure every seed is properly placed and properly firmed for consistent, even emergence

* collecting and utilizing data

* GPS guidance and auto steer technology

* Greenseeker, a tool that uses optical sensors to sense nitrogen deficiency while applying nitrogen at a variable rate. This  allows us to apply a variable rate of nitrogen in the field, putting nitrogen where needed but not overapplying where there is enough.

Precision Planting:



Miller Spraying can meet all of your dry or liquid fertilizer needs. We can order custom blends to meet your crop needs based on your soil test.

Custom Application

Miller Spraying is a licensed commercial applicator. We apply fertilizers, crop protection products, and liquid and dry seedings. 

Product Labels & MSDS: